Zuni Tree & Alpaca Farm

Zuni Tree & Alpaca Farm is located in Zuni,

Virginia, in the county of Isle of Wight and not

far from the Tidewater cities. We are a Choose

and Cut Christmas tree and Alpaca farm. Our

farm is about 1.2 miles off route 460. We purchased the farm in 1999 with Christmas trees

growing here and have been working and planting trees every year for your enjoyment. Our

farm has about 400 white pines and about 400 other varieties ready for Christmas this year.

We have about 3,000 trees on our farm but some are still growing for the future seasons.

After you select your tree, we will have it shaken to remove loose needles, netted for

easier handling and taken to your vehicle for your journey home. We supply the bow

saws for cutting your tree and the twine to secure your tree. We have a small gift shop and it

does have heat to help remove the chill after you have searched and selected your perfect

tree. We sell fresh wreaths, bows, alpaca products and a few other items in the

shop. The alpaca products that we sell will help you to stay warn on your search for your

perfect tree. So, you may want to browse the shop before you venture into the cold.

Please come early in the season for your tree because we do have a large volume

of customers and this can cause the trees to be sold out early.

Start your family tradition with our farm and enjoy the season in the country.

We will open on (Black Friday) from 9 AM to 5 PM. After Black Friday, our hours are weekends from 9 AM to 5 PM. We are closed Weekdays. Please note the change of hours and dates for this year.

We have two alpacas on our farm and eleven on a farm located on Rt. 258.

We accept cash or credit/debit only. No checks!

We have a Porta-Potty on site.

Zuni, VA ~ 1.2 miles off Rt. 460

Call Shirley Nelson: 757-242-4780 or email at zunitree@gmail.com